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"Soy Sauce for the Mind"

moments of clarity that I sometimes get lost in...

DarkMayor aka L.e.m.
Who I am as a person? A decent one, for the most part. Then again, who really knows themselves? Those around me tell me that I'm very passionate. Very spontaneous and also very unpredictable. I'm also an Aquarius (to the core apparently). I guess astrology is one of the labels I'll be happy to identify with for now, for the most part it's very humorous, but on some days it's uncannily close to the truth.

I work at Boston's only premiere Gentleman's Club. I'm a former Restaurant manager/bar manager/bar tender/bouncer/Network Security Admin/Helpdesk Admin - yes, in that reverse order. Plus some random jobs in between. From illustration of children's books to modelling for an art class and cooking and catering for small private functions. Throw in a personal bodyguard and assistant, a motivational speaker and fantastic friend and you have ME.

I've been through a lot and I've done a lot of things (both crazy and productive). I love my family and love my friends. I walk to my own beat, normally being blasted thru my headphones where ever I go. My eyes are very open and I see a lot of things (and through a lot of people too).
I work in the nightclub/restaurant industry for a while now. I basically work the vampire hours. Needless to say, like the vast majority of those in the industry, I smoke, I drink, I stay up late (meaning 9-10am) from time to time and I party. I'm also quite fit and healthy (in relation to my lifestyle of course) and I actually like the daytime. I like the fact that I can enjoy the daylight hours while the rest of the world is working. I'm a very well adjusted adult and the club industry definitely teaches you a lot about the life (both good and bad) in very short manner of time. Hell, I learn a lot about life in general by watching how people treat each other in public... I'm just trying to do my part and make myself and my immediate surroundings just a little better and more tolerable. Would you rather be laughing or frowning? Exactly...

One thing I do know is, that we all wake up with fears and questions in our heads everyday... we just need to learn to figure out how to get answers to them.
Nothing is ever so complicated and difficult that it couldn't be figured out with just a little bit of patience and common sense. Most of the time, it won't be easy, but nothing ever is.

Yes, as you can tell, I do a lot of thinking... my head never stops. It's the only way I keep the voices in my head hushed for a few hours so I don't go crazy.

welcome to this pleasant waste of time, I hope you have enough patience to sit through these sessions... don't take me too seriously but feel free to laugh.

"I don't deny that an odd man here and there, if he's caught young and trained up proper, and if his mother has spanked him well beforehand, may turn out a decent being." -- Lucy Maud Montgomery.

I hope we find our place in this mess of a world at some point. In the meanwhile, I'm going to indulge in everything that will give me some sort of insight, delight and excitement. Who knows, maybe fucking things up the right way is the way to enlightenment.

Ninja Fetus brewing...
Thanks Fetusmart!